Case studies

Bushlight Case Study 35: Keeping the lights on 
How Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre is leading the way in the long term sustainability of RE systems in remote Australia  Oct 2012 (4052 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 34: Focus on Education 
Parents living in urban and regional centres are unlikely to pay much attention to the link between electricity and the education of their children. Grid power provides schools with Feb 2012 (2772 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 33: Gurrumurru
Gurrumurru plays an important role in North East Arnhem Land as a cultural hub community. Residents of Gurrumurru have been living with a Bushlight solar power system since 2005. Dec 2010 (487 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 32: Bushlight in Kakadu 
Kakadu National Park is an internationally renowned World Heritage Area.
It is visited each year by more ... Nov 2009
(464 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 31: Ulpanyali
Living only a few kilometers from one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations provides residents of Ulpanyali community with many opportunities to develop livelihoods and share their knowledge. 
Sept 2009

Bushlight Case Study 30: Wahrapaant 
This Case Study looks at the establishment of the Bushlight community renewable energy system at Wahrapaant. Aug 2009 (496 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 29: Mt Theo 
This case study is about Mt Theo outstation, a community that is helping to change the lives and future of many young people in the region. Nov 2009 (639 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 28: Mata Mata 
Mata Mata is a homeland community located in the beautiful and remote coastal area of East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Feb 2009 (446 kb) 

Bushlight Case Study 27: Wandigalla 
This Case Study looks at the community of Wandigalla, its enterprises, and its energy services history. Feb 2009 (620 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 26: Wada Warra 
This case study is about the small outstation of Wada Warra in the Gulf Country of the Northern Territory. Nov 2008 (542 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 25: Chile Creek 
This Case Study provides a profile of the outstation of Chile Creek, its history, residents and enterprise development. 
Nov 2008 (661 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 24: Gnylmarung 
Gnylmarung is situated on the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Aug 2008
(594 kb) 

Bushlight Case study 23: Port Stewart 
This Case Study looks at the establishment of two Bushlight renewable energy (RE) systems at Port Stewart and how this has helped residents to pursue their livelihood aspirations. Sept 2008 (340 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 22: Blue Bush 
This Case Study describes the establishment of the Bushlight community Renewable Energy (RE) system at Blue Bush and how this has helped residents to pursue their livelihood aspirations.
June 2008 (455 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 21: Irrerlirre & Karrinyarra 
This Case Study focuses on the energy services of two central Australian homelands and their history with Bushlight.
Dec 2007 (516 kb)

Bushlight Case study 20: Mingalkala 
Mingalkala sits on a wide open valley floor with dolomite hills rising in the distance. June 2007 (1412 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 19: Munget 
Munget is a small homeland overlooking the Southern end of Pender Bay on the Dampier Peninsula, 170 kilometres north of Broome. May 2007 (835 kb)

Bushlight Case study 18: Gunbah
Gunbah, meaning “big country” was established about 10 to 15 years ago. Gunbah is a small outstation on Mornington Island. June 2006 (856 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 16: Wumajbar 
Wumajbarr is 20 kms north from Numbulwar in East Arnhem land. Numbulwar is the community’s major provider of goods and services. Wumajbarr has been established as a homelands for the past 30 years.
May 2006 (3222 kb) 

Bushlight Case Study 15: Ngarantjadu 
Ngarantjadu is located in the Fitzroy Region of the West Kimberly, 400 km southeast of Derby. Ngarantjadu — Tjillji Bore Aboriginal Corporation is the official name for this community, however Ngarantjadu is commonly used. May 2006 (706 kb) 

Bushlight Case study 14: Wulununjur 
Wulununjar Community is 200 kms from Broome in WA  May 2006 (1413 kb)

Bushlight Case study 13: Kitty Well 
Kitty’s Well is homeland community located in Western Australia’s Kimberly region.
(515 kb) 

Bushlight Case study 12: Galawdjapin 
Galawdjapin is the home of Robert Gural and his wife Margaret Myall. (356 kb) 

Bushlight Case Study 11: Gunun Woonun 
Gunun Woonun, meaning tall oak tree, is a small homeland situated on the southern coast of Mornington Island, about 29 kms from the main township of Gununa.
(722 kb) 

Bushlight Case Study 10: Birri Williams 
Birri Williams is a small outstation situated on the northern coast of Mornington Island some 300 metres from the oceans edge. Birri means ‘many underground water’ in the Lardil language of Mornington Island.
Dec 2005 (1203 kb) 

Bushlight Case study 9: Bawaka
This case study looks at Bawaka, a small Yolnu Homeland in East Arnhemland.
 Dec 2005 (204 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 8: Sandridge 
Sandridge is a small community 17km east of Borroloola. Dec 2005 (1216 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 7: Milibundurra 
Milibundurra is a small Yanyuwa homeland near Borroloola in the South West Gulf region of the Northern Territory.

Bushlight Case study 6: Putulki 
This case study looks at Putulki, a small Warramungu community north-east of Tennant Creek. Sept 2005 (1210 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 5: Kurraya 
This case study looks at Kurraya, a small Warramungu community east of Tennant Creek. The community consists of 5 full-time residents and up to 10 regular visitors.
(631 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 4: Chuula 
In the late 1980s the Kaanju people returned to their traditional homelands on the Wenlock and Pascoe Rivers of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. Chuula Homelands was the first permanently occupied contemporary Kaanju community.
(878 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 3: Dingo Springs 
This case study looks at Dingo Spring, a small community 45km east of Kununurra in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. 
Aug 2005 (525 kb)

Bushlight Case Study 2: Corkwood Bore 
Corkwood Bore is the relocation site for the Arrernte families of Harry’s Creek East Outstation. July 2005 (231 kb) 

Bushlight Case Study 1: Mount Peachy 
This case study looks at Syd and Connies’ house. One of three located in Mount Peachy, a remote community 90km south of Alice Springs. March 2004 (368 kb)


Bushlight Newsletter 31: Remote Indigenous Energy Program
Bushlight is one of five service providers shortlisted to contribute to the Federal Government’s Remote Indigenous Energy Program. (269 kb)

Bushlight Newsletter 30 July 2012: National Award for Bushlight
Bushlight has taken home honours for system design and installation at the Clean Energy Council Industry Awards held in Sydney on Friday 27 July

Bushlight Newsletter No. 29 November 2011 : Training and technology 
The Centre for Appropriate Technology has long recognised that any new technology provided in remote areas without ... 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 28 August 2011: Program update
Bushlight is pleased to announce that arrangements have been finalised with the Australian Government’s Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs for the funding of our 2011-12 work program.  

Bushlight Newsletter No. 27 March 2011: Caring for country in Chuulangun
'To achieve real improved livelihoods and autonomy, Indigenous people must move away from centralised communities and reestablish themselves on their traditional country ...'

Bushlight Newsletter No. 26 December 2010: Sustainable futures on country
Creating a viable future ‘on country’ is the goal of many residents of Australia’s remote homelands. Deborah Sibosado is one such resident. 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 25 July 2010: Homeland education at Murrungga

Bushlight Newsletter No. 24 April 2010: Bushlight National Workshop

Bushlight Newsletter no. 23 dec 2009: Supporting Community Livelihoods

Bushlight Newsletter No. 22 Aug 2009: Program Update

Bushlight Newsletter No. 21 April 2009: Remote monitoring, maintaining  systems  from afar. A new vision for Bushlight – Strategic planning in 2009
The Bushlight Design Team has been investigating ways of increasing the time and cost efficiency of Bushlight’s technical operations.  

Bushlight Newsletter No. 20 December 2008 Bushlight celebrates 100th community milestone
In July 2008 Bushlight reached the milestone of having carried out Community Energy Planning and installed renewable energy (RE) systems in 100 communities across northern and central Australia. 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 19 September 2008: Bushlight Achieves New milestone 
Bushlight achieved a significant milestone in July 2008 with the commissioning of a Bushlight system at Ulpanyali community in Central Australia.

Bushlight Newsletter No. 18 June 2008: Review of 2006 - 2008

Bushlight Newsletter No. 16 January 2008: O&M training for support agency staff
Since October 2007 Bushlight has delivered five courses in basic RE system operation and maintenance (O&M) for staff from 12 resource agencies from central Australia, the Top End, and North Queensland. 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 15 September 2007: Bushlight lends a hand to Tjuwanpa
Early in 2007 Tjuwanpa Outstation Resource Centre (TORC) contacted Bushlight regarding upgrades to five solar/diesel power systems. 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 14 June 2007: Maintenance and repair – A growing focus

Bushlight Newsletter No. 13 March 2007: Industry News: Making Capital Work 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 12 September 2006: Bushlight wins 2006 NT Engineering Excellence Award

Bushlight Newsletter No. 11 September 2005: system monitoring at Birri Williams 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 10 July 2005: Wumajbarr's Bushlight Community RE System 

Newsletter No. 9 March 2005: Bushlight remote power systems survive cyclone Ingrid

Bushlight Newsletter No. 8 January 2005: New generation of Bushlight’s household RE system

Bushlight Newsletter No. 6 June 2004: North Queensland 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 5 March 2004: Kimberley 

Bushlight Newsletter No. 4 December 2003: Energy services provided for Corkwood Bore 

Newsletter No. 3 September 2003: Garrak-Jarru Regional Council signs MOU

Bushlight Newsletter No. 2 May 2003: First contract to supply Bushlight energy systems 

Bushlight Newsletter 1 April 2002: The history behind Bushlight