Late last year we started construction of the Port Stewart Ranger Base. Similar to the Shipton’s Flat Project this project was conducted in partnership with Engineers Without Borders and Corporate partners (ARUP, John Holland) and funded through a range of sources including John Holland, and the Queensland and Australian Governments.

CfAT Cairns have been involved in managing a range of infrastructure upgrades to facilities at Port Stewart which support the aspirations of the Lama Lama People that have been explored and documented in participatory community driven planning in partnership with CfAT going as far back as 1997 and reviewed in 2008.

Participation of the rangers in construction has been a key element of this project again along with heavy involvement of the wider Lama Lama Community and executives in the planning, fundraising and coordination. As with the Shipton’s Project above, the project scope has remained living, attracting further funding as things progress, enabling more outcomes for the community. This demonstrates how CfAT can differentiate itself from the myriad of service providers delivering a raft of social and community development outcomes at the same time as hard infrastructure.